Online Piano Lessons
(Asynchronous method)

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Practice is the foundation of progress and success !!

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Do you have a desire to play enjoyable music?

Become a virtuoso at your own pace and grade level and feel the satisfaction of creating rhythmic yet lovely renditions. No matter what age, you will achieve excellence in both performance and theory through patient and dedicated coaching.

With a little effort, you can realize your dream of performing beautiful songs and duets. It's a satisfying gift to yourself and to your loved ones.

Learn at your own pace and with caring guidance you will gradually become a calm and self confident performer to either entertain yourself or to become an accomplished musician.

At Alexandria Music Academy we produce skilled and confident musicians, who are able not only to perform and entertain themselves, but are also able to move on to successfully complete the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations if they wish. Our students gain an incredible level of self-confidence and self-satisfaction through consistent practice and innovative coaching.


François Tenza

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François Tenza: Former student of Jacqueline Kohls, owner of AMA, started from age six in Pierrefonds, Quebec who was a delight to coach. He committed himself to his music studies and progressed at an incredible rate.
He is a shining example of what a student can achieve with a little determination and devotion and also an example of the importance of parents' roles in helping their children to succeed. He won the regional gold medal award (formerly silver medal) for obtaining the highest marks in his grade and discipline.
His music at age eight can be heard on his CD 'Piano Magique'.